• Hi everyone!

    I have a situation, and I hope this is the right place to ask the question!  If not, please kick me repeatedly and shove to the right area.

    I have an IPSec tunnel setup, my endpoint IP being  The remote endpoint IP is  I need to create a NAT rule, as the machine I need to access on the other end is  My local LAN subnet is  Where is in pfSense would I start to solve this issue?


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    How did you come up with the idea that you need the NAT?

  • With the right remote networks specified across the VPN tunnel, and firewall rules that pass the traffic, traffic will be routed fine. There is no need for NAT.

  • Well, it turns out the information originally provided to me was incorrect, and helps to answer why doktornotor questioned the validity of needing NAT! :)

    Turns out my local IP will be
    There are 2 machines I am accessing on the other end, and they are and  I need to NAT from to, as the other end rejects the connection otherwise.

    Does any of this make sense?


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