Limiter (or Shaping) based on Country

  • I need some help with a configuration.

    I usually use PFSense in small or medium offices with DSL internet access.

    Know I need to setup a solution (with the APU board) for a friend who has a dedicated Internet link.

    Here in Chile the dedicated Internet links are symmetrical in terms of Upload and Download Speeds, but are asymmetrical in terms of the destination of the traffic; you have more speed for local (domestic) sites, but less speed for International traffic.

    In this case I have 100 Mb. Of bandwidth for “national” (domestic) traffic and 10 Mb. for International (anything outside Chile) traffic.

    The problem is that I have to setup a subnet only for Guest WiFi with 10% of the total bandwith (10 Mb. for international traffic and 1 Mb. for domestic traffic). So my question is how can I discriminate which traffic is Domestic and which is not?


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