Multiwan need help

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to setup the multiwan using the MultiWanVersion1.2 document. I am using PFsense 1.2 RC3.
    I followed all tuts but I am not able to do the load balancing, fail over or policy routing.

    I got 1 lan link and 2 wan links planning to add one more wan link.

    LAN - re0 -
    WAN1 - rl0 - x.x.x.x  CABLE MODEM DHCP
    WAN2 -rl1 - y.y.y.y  ADSL STATIC IP

    –-----------------CABLE MODEM(x.x.x.x)
    ( -----------------------------PF
                                                  --------------------ADSL MODEM(y.y.y.y)

    First thing the source routing is not working. I am trying send the SMTP traffic through the link 2.
    second the failover from WAN1 WAN2 thats also not working.

    I created pool called LoadBalence and made this as gateway for Lansubnet. Monitor IP is opendns ip.
    The traffic is always trying to go out through the wan1 interface.

    please see images for firewall and nat rules

    Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (Advanced Outbound NAT (AON))

    Load balance pool

    Firewall rules

    Please advice


  • what is the status of the pool?
    it's not such a good idea to use "Just an IP" from the net as monitor.
    do a traceroute and use the next hop from you as monitor.

    when you use the ping tool from the pfsense can you ping the gw's from both lines?

  • On the pool status both are online. Now I am using ISPs DNS ip for monitoring. Still the traffic is only going
    through WAN1.

    I see the default route is through the WAN1 gateway. Is that the problem?

    Forgot to mention both modems are on bridge mode so I have public ips on the PFsense interfaces.


  • what do you mean the default route is through WAN1?
    Do you mean the default route of the routing table?
    that should be as it is.

    Firewall rules are process from top to down.
    If one catches the rest below is no longer considered.
    When you have as gateway in your rule a * it means the routing table is used. If you specify a Pool the routing table has no longer an impact.

    since you have in your catch all rule the failover pool as gateway i dont see why it should not work.  ???

  • Does your ip adresse change when you F5 on ?

    A general good thing to do before setting up loadbalancing is to test each wan as gateway in a default install, just assign the wan's nothing else.
    Then setup static routes for each wan using traceroute.
    Test for 5 min after each change, just to be sure.
    Could it be that your ISP doesn't play nice when your using SMTP port 25…...

    As a side note to using loadbalance as gateway is that you will need a download manager, downloading big files before it makes sense.
    I would recommend using wanfailovertowan2 and wan2failovertowan and only activate loadbalance when needed.

  • Hi!

    I have a similar setup and are able to get it to work. As far as I can see you have not completely followed the guide in

    Start by setting all the required pools and default rules.


  • Hi,

    I got it working the source routing part. All I need was to put a PASS ALL rule on the wan2 interface.
    and other thing is I had installed SQUID on the box. Uninstalled it.

    Failover seems to be working partialy because when the failed link come back, seems  like its not using that link for traffic.

    I will test it out more and inform you guys.


    • LHRT

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