Apcupsd Cannot create /var/spool/lock/LCK.. serial port lock file: ERR=No such

  • Hi.

    I'm running pfsense V2.1.1, nanobsd on an Alix PC and I have a modern APC 1000VA UPS with usb and serial.

    I installed the available apcupsd package which is V3.14.10 (incidentally, I notice on http://www.apcupsd.org/ that V3.14.12 is the latest)

    The apcupsd daemon will not start. The system log reports:

    Cannot create /var/spool/lock/LCK serial port lock file: ERR=No such file or directory

    After some mucking around, I discovered the /var/spool/ directory does not exist on the nanobsd and pfsense build.

    As a work around, I have done this:
    opened: /usr/pbi/apcupsd-i386/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf
    and changed the line:
      LOCKFILE /var/spool/lock
    changed to:
      LOCKFILE /var/tmp

    However, after each reboot, my temporary changes are lost.

    Suggested fix:

    • The package installer needs to be updated to V3.14.12

    • Alter the package to installer to check for the existence of the folder /var/spool/lock and if the folder doesn't exist, create it during the installation process

    Many thanks.


  • I am also experiencing this. In my case I enabled RAM disks for /tmp and /var, this may be contributing to the missing folders.

  • Hi.

    There is an update for fix this.

    • fix lock file when using usb devices
    • add lockfile option

    Also, we are expecting the upgrade to 3.14.12 on FreeBSD ports, so we can update here on pfSense.

    Best Regards.

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