SquidGuard log rotate bug

  • Tested with squidGuard-squid3 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.5

    /var/log/squidGuard.log is not rotated (file owned by root and written by the WebGUI)

    $ find / -name squidGuard.log
    0  	0  	*  	*  	*  	root  	/usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/pbi/squidguard-squid3-amd64/etc/rc.d/squidGuard_logrotate 
    cat /usr/pbi/squidguard-squid3-amd64/etc/rc.d/squidGuard_logrotate
    # This file generated automaticly with SquidGuard configurator
    # Rotates the block logfile
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log/block.log > /var/squidGuard/log/block.log.0
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log/block.log.0 > /var/squidGuard/log/block.log
    rm -f /var/squidGuard/log/block.log.0
    # Rotates the squidguard GUI logile
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log > /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log.0
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log.0 > /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log
    rm -f /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log.0
    # Rotates the squidguard conf logile
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log//sg_configurator.log > /var/squidGuard/log//sg_configurator.log.0
    tail -1000 /var/squidGuard/log//sg_configurator.log.0 > /var/squidGuard/log//sg_configurator.log
    rm -f /var/squidGuard/log//sg_configurator.log.0

  • I forgot to say that squid is trying also to write to /var/log/squidGuard.log

    cat /var/squid/logs/cache.log | grep /var/log/squidGuard.log
    2014-04-05 11:19:04 [23381] (squidGuard): can't write to logfile /var/log/squidGuard.log

    My work around

    cd /var/log
    rm /var/log/squidGuard.log 
    ln -s /var/squidGuard/log/squidGuard.log squidGuard.log

    Everything ok and no more logs from squidGuard at squid cache.log

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