• I have pfSense on my machine equipped with 6 NICs; nve0, ste0, ste1, ste2, ste3 and wb0.
    nve0 is (LAN example)
    ste0 is (WAN example)
    ste1 is (WAN2 example)

    I want to add another ip alias for LAN, WAN and WAN2 to this following setting:
    nv0 are,, 172,16,4,7/24
    ste0 are,,
    ste1 are,,

    How to do that in pfSense?
    I'm trying with "Firewall -> Virtual IPs" still now working.


  • I would suggest using Virtual IPs of type CARP. This way you can easily expand your setup later by adding a failovermachine without converting your complete config. Depending on how you want to set this up and what you want to do with the additional IPs you need portforwarding, 1:1 NAT, advanced outbound NAT and appropriate firewallrules (or a combination of some of these items at least). If you tell us what you want to do with the additional IPs we can give you further advise.

  • Currently I have 3 gateway to internet and in the future we are going to have for internet gateway.
    Each internet gateway using its own firewall, which are:
    firewall #1:
    firewall #2:
    firewall #3:

    I have configure pfsense 1.0 beta in my machine, equipped with 6 NICs (nv0, ste0, ste1, ste2, ste3, wb0).
    My LAN probed as nv0 and assign with ip So i need to make another ip alias for that interface and the user shouldn't change gateway setting in their TCP/IP properties.

    And for my WAN interface, I have 3 blocks of public IP.
    WAN #1: 203.77.230.xxx/29 (assign on ste0)
    WAN #2: 202.169.57.xxx/29 (assign on ste1)
    WAN #3: 202.159.10.xxx/29 (assign on ste2)
    WAN #4: TBA (assign on ste3)

    I want to use those IPs for each internet service in my company.
    For example, I want to use:

    • IP, and for my FTP, DNS and HTTP service.
    • IP, and for my SMTP and POP3 service.

    I'm trying with CARP or Other in Virtual IPs and still not able to port scan that IPs.

    How to that in pfsense?  ??? ??? ???

    Btw. in the future, i'm going to use latest NIC (wb0) to use as failover interface.