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    psSense-2.0.1-RELEASE x 2

    For the next school year 2014-2015 and onward our school is going to an 100% online student evaluation testing and the web based testing solultion/company of course has given hardware outlines for minimum specifications for each school and number of students,etc.

    The software company of course provides it's own "Proctor caching" setup,which is naturally installed on a windows pc that resieds on your lan,

    In the configuration of each sites setup,/ per building, via the web interface that goes to this companies servers,there is an option  to instead of using the companies proprietary 'proctor caching' software on a windows pc,on your lan, you can point to an alternative server,and port number,(which of course could be our existing pfSense machine). This is what I would LIKE to do,but of course ,,when the testing scenario actually starts to happen,I don't want to end up with things going south and the software provider saying" You should have used our proprietary software for the cahcing"

    This is a very vague explanation,I know,but has anyone else encountered this scenario? It is my understanding that this will be the norm nationwide for all states (in the U.S.)  I believe and I believe this software vendor,maybe supplying the software,for most if not all states for student evauation?

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  • If you install the "Proctor Caching" software you will see that it is just Squid for Windows repackaged with a web framework that provides a user interface for the online testing.

    Once you install the Proctor Caching software you could edit the conf file:


    And point it to your pfsense box IP address and port.

    Stop and Start via the .BAT files and you should be good.

    This way you can still use their software and your pfsense box together. You will be caching on two levels though.

    Hope this helps.