• Good time of the day!

    I encountered a problem while setting up the captive portal for one of the interfaces.

    My steps:

    • Create a VLAN interface that links pfSense with the access point
    • Assign that interface to a new network, let's call it "PUBLICWLAN", assign it a static IP address
    • Allow all traffic from PUBLICWLAN (for now)
    • Enable captive portal for PUBLICWLAN, choose "No authentication", set a speed limit (256kbps/256kbps), leave other settings at their default values

    The connection works as if there was no captive portal. No speed limits, no redirects. Internet connection works immediately.

    2.2-ALPHA (amd64)
    built on Thu Apr 3 01:45:59 CDT 2014

    Thanks in advance for any help!