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  • On Windows, if I click on network from windows explorer, pfsense shows up as a freeBSD router complete with version number and the ip address/port of the GUI login.  I would like to keep this information from being given to connected computers.  No need to advertise to all the users what the port of the GUI log in is.  Also, I see no need to advertise the type and version of the "router.

    Anyone know how to change what information is displayed or keep it from being displayed at all?  Attached is a screenshot of what I am talking about

  • Try disabling UPnP and see if it helps.
    But this kind of security by obscurity won't make you safer. HTTPS and good admin password is much better protection.

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    You'd be a whole LOT better off upgrading the box to 2.1.1. The IP is clearly available as a gateway on any system, and the port can be found in seconds by any portscan tool.

    • Add a new user with admin rights and a loooong password and disable ADMIN

    • On OPT1 you have the chance to lock out all the undesired access to the router (not on LAN, due to the default anti-lock out rule). Define a firewall rule on OPT1, blocking access to the OPT1-IP of the router for OPT1 subnet, and add ABOVE this rule a rule allowing access for YOUR IP (or use the LAN subnet to service the router).

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    The anti-lockout rule is there to make it more difficult to lock yourself out especially if you're not very familiar with the firewall. You can still tighten up the LAN rules though. You can still lock yourself out.  ;)


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