Problem with Alix2d2 board Need Assistance

  • Greetings Everyone

    I recently purchased an alix2d2 board off of ebay and bought everything else needed to have it up and running including an null cable modem to connect to the serial port to see what's going on when it boots up.

    I set the baud to 38400 and used every other setting that PC Engines specifies however I'm not getting any output from it at all, in linux or windows 7.  I've checked everything and I'm pretty sure that I have all of the settings correct.

    I'm using this serial cable:

    TRENDnet USB 2.0 to RS-232 DB9 Serial Converter, TU-S9

    So if nothing comes out in the output of putty in either operating system is this board fried?  The lights turn on when it boots up other than that I just don't know what I might be doing wrong or if its just no good.  The seller might have saw that it lights up when it turns on so all was well and it was ready for sale but it might just be screwed and they don't know.

    Any ideas as to what I could try?

  • So I'm now wondering if its due tot he fact that the cable might not be a null cable modem crossover cable.  Darnnit!!!  Does anyone have this cable and can they confirm that it works as a null cable modem?  I only bought it based on another reviewer's deeming it useable in the form here.


  • I would just try attaching a null modem cable/adapter to the 9-pin connector. See if that works. :-)

  • I've never seen a USB-to-RS232 adapter which is configured for null modem use.  Get an adapter.

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