WL-167g(rt2500) and foscam fi9805w connection problem

  • I have WLAN usb card Asus WL-167g and pfsense (2.1.1) configured to use this card as AP.
    The problem is that only one client does not find my network, this is foscam IP camera fi9805w. This is not related to AP settings in pfsense, because camera does not even find my network SSID (it is not hidden). All others clients (Android, PC) working without problem. Foscam also works with 3com wifi router.  Once when I have configured foscam to connect my SSID it showed me SSID in camera webgui wireless list, but not connected, not even tried to connect (no camera MAC in wifi logs). Does anyone have had problems with RT2500 chipsets in pfsense?
    I think it mostly camera related issue, but I am not sure

  • I have had issues with a similar Foscam camera where you need to "search" twice for the SSID before the list will properly display. I am not using the same wireless AP as you but just thought I would mention this.

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