Replace failed HDD in pfsense gmirror

  • Today I accessed pfsense interface and - by my surprise - I discovered the array was degraded.
    I haven't received any email notification which I suppose it's quite strange.

    Anyway I'll have to go fetch another HDD to replace the failed one.
    How to perform this? I mean recreate partitions (possibly by copying the layout from the surviving disk), setup mirror, sync/refresh, …

    Thank you for your help  ;)

  • Banned

    Should really be as simple as

    gmirror status (note which drive failed)
    gmirror forget pfSenseMirror
    gmirror remove pfSenseMirror ad?
    shutdown -h
     <replace failed="" disk="">gmirror insert pfSenseMirror ad?
    gmirror status (check if rebuild started)</replace> 

    (Replace ad? with the failed HDD node.)

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