Installing and configuring nat

  • Guys,

    in installed pfscense in my vmware workstation, give it 2 adapters(1 nat and 1 local host) in vmware. I am stuck after connecting the wan interface and the lan..

    What i would like to get done is 2 adapters, 1 is pinting to my virtual network and 1 is pointing to my internet network. The servers on the virtual network site need to connect to the internet to the pfsense router.

    So i checked the wiki but i cannot figure out(am new to pfsense) whats wrong.

    i tried for the pfsense wan adapter the bridged and nat option in vmware workstation, but no luck. I cannot get an internet connection from the clients in my test environment through pfsense. Those client can ping pfsense though.

    2nd, i noticed that, after reboting the router, i need to reinstall the router. is that normal behavior?

    hope someone can and will help me with those 2 problems.

  • Have you set the GW for the LAN - remove it. Have you set a gateway for the WAN - you must have this. Then you need to apply your rules to allow web traffic from LAN to WAN.

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