LGA1150 compatible hardware

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to get a pfsense box up and running for my home/home office, but I'm running into some problems with NIC compatibility.

    I purchased a H87N-WIFI, but that Intel NIC isn't recognized until the alpha builds of 2.2 and the atheros wired chip isn't recognized at all on pfsense, nor FreeBSD 10.

    I already have a processor, and all the rest of the build, so I was hoping to get a mini itx mainboard that has 2 GbE ports, and supports an Intel 1150 processor.

    I was looking at the following boards, but some seem to have intel i217 and i211 NICs, and others have realtek NICs that haven't had the best reviews here.

    ASRock  H81M-ITX
    Zotac H87ITX-A-E
    MSI Z87I

    Anyone have any experience/recommendations on any of the above?

  • Series 7 chipsets were the last ones that came together with 8257x controllers.

    Series 8 will almost always be built with a i21x ethernet controller due to intel bundling them together for a discount. Some of these discounts are probably pretty big, its the only way I can explain certain motherboards with onboard 10GbE being as cheap as they are. (~$400 for brand new X540 dual port, ~$500 if you want a LGA2011 board and SAS HBA glued to it)

    There might be hard to find exceptions (don't know any off top of my head) and likely cost more than just getting a separate card. So unless your case cannot fit a card, there is your solution :)

    That is also assuming they don't go the typical ultra-cheap route and just use a realjunk controller instead.

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