Pfsense 2.1 hung , kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)

  • Hello,

    I have several installation of pfsense hung with this warning in system log :
    kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)

    System is up, I ahve acces to wan and lan but I can't change anything in the web interface. When I try, the web interface hung and I need to restart to have acces again.

    For Information : I have limiter active in lan interface to limit access to internet.

    Thank you for your help

  • Hi azizth,

    I can't help you very much, but only tell that I have these messages on the console as well on 3 different hardware platforms.
    They appeared after setting up some limiters, as you wrote.
    But besides from the messages everything else works, so I assumed that these are normal, especially as they appear on every system.

    So I think your issue has nothing to do with these messages. I would start to look for the real problem in the syslog.
    Perhaps someone with more knowledge can correct me, if I'm wrong.

    Good luck!

  • Those logs are normal when using anything with dummynet (limiters, captive portal), so that's unrelated. Any other logs might be telling.

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