Pfsense network setup for server

  • hello
    i want to setup pfsense for my network. and i have 4 servers with different gateway and ip address. i was trying to setup firewall but i am not able to setup this.

    if i change gateway of all server then i am able to ping but i am running different services so i can not change gateway or ip.

    i want to configure my firewall by which i can route all my traffic of all server throe firewall. without changing there static ip.

  • You have 4 different WAN gateways? That is do say, you have 4 WAN subnets, right?

    So add your subnets to WAN interface in Firewall > Virtual IPs.
    Than add the 4 gateways in System > Routing.
    After that you can go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound, mark "Manual Outbound NAT rule generetion" and click the save button. Configure the outbound NAT rules for each of your servers to use the gateway you want it to use.

    Now it's should be done.

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