• I've contributed to Monowall in the past (years ago), and I see where I could add an enhancement to pfSense that would work well in our company.

    One enhancement would be to return the group via Radius for admin authentication.  If a local group is defined with a matching name, log that user into that group.  This way, the users wouldn't need to be individually added to all the pfSense machines.

    Also, related to radius auth, the ability to have multiple authentication sources set up… Such as, point to Radius1 as primary, if that one times out, fall back to Radius2, and if that times out, go to Local authentication.

    I've looked at the code a little, and I think both of these would be possible.  Back years ago, with Monowall, I had a VM set up for making custom images.  I seem to recall that the pfSense developers previously put out a VM to make it easy for people to built, test, and contribute code, but can't seem to find that now.  Is this no longer available?  Failing that, are there instructions somewhere to build one myself?

  • I've had time to read more on the forum and now understand that the tools to build a copy of pfSense haven't been available for about 6 weeks…

    So, I guess I'll try to hack the image I'm running on my test box.

  • The things you want to do are very likely all in the ordinary pfSense repo on GitHub, and are PHP/JavaScript/HTML. So you can edit/develop on whatever pfSense system you like, then submit pull requests on GitHub.

  • Thanks, Phil