Captive Portal User List (Captive Portal Status) has disappeared

  • Two units upgraded to 2.1.1, both are showing zero (0) users in the captive portal now.  Rebooting didn't change anything.  Traffic Graph shows the same bandwidth utilization as before the upgrade.  Unfortunately, the users are ghosts.  Anyone else experience this?  Has this statistic moved?

  • This does seem odd.  Captive portal is running.  Guests log in. I go to Status - Captive Portal - Guest Access.  Zero users.  Arp Table shows the IP and mac of all the users.  They draw IP via DHCP, Are presented login screen, click Access button, Surf the Internet.  Still, no evidence that they wre there under Captive Portal Status.  Hmmmm..

  • Ok, The newest patch, 2.1.2, seems to fix it.  Same system is now reporting status of captive portal users.  Thanks!

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