Do interface dev numbers need to match?

  • I understand I can use different hardware, I just need to match the number and order of the interfaces.  I assume it's ok to have a greater number of NICs in one box as long as they're not assigned? Also, is the order that matters what's listed in the GUI, or are we talking about the order of the device interfaces, em0, em1, etc?

    For instance, I have the following setup.

    Box 1               
    WAN1 - em1
    LAN - em0
    WAN2 - em2
    SYNC - em3
    Box 2
    WAN1 - em5
    LAN - em2
    WAN2 - em4
    SYNC - em3

    The order the interfaces appear in the assign interfaces window are the same, but the device numbers are in a different order.  Do I need to switch things around so the ems match?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You're OK. So long as the order of assignment is the same it doesn't matter how they line up physically.

  • Great.  Thanks!

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