Not able to install Snort after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.1.1

  • Hey Guys

    Today I upgraded my pfsense from 2.1 to 2.1.1.
    After the upgrade I observed, that snort was not installed anymore.. So I've tried to install it again. But it didn't work.. Seems the package for the download was not found.. When I try to access this file in my browser I get a 404 error..

    Here is the log file:

    Beginning package installation for snort .
    Downloading package configuration file... done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading snort and its dependencies... 
    Checking for package installation... 
     Downloading ...  could not download from there or
    of snort- failed!
    Installation aborted.Removing package...
    Starting package deletion for snort-
    Removing snort components...
    Menu items... done.
    Services... done.
    Loading package instructions...
    Include file could not be found for inclusion.
    Deinstall commands... 
    Not executing custom deinstall hook because an include is missing.
    Removing package instructions...done.
    Auxiliary files... done.
    Package XML... done.
    Configuration... done.
    Failed to install package.
    Installation halted.

    In the URL of the packages, I only find snort in the version But I cannot install this version in my pfsense webgui, because there is only the version… Can I somehow refresh the package list in my pfsense, so that I could install version Or will the version be uploaded again?

    Thanks a lot

  • A new version of the Snort package was merged today to the pfSense repository, but not all the mirrors seem to have the correct file for some reason. More info in this thread: