2.1 -> 2.1.1 Upgrade; stuck on packages installing in the background

  • Hello!

    I just preformed a 2.1 -> 2.1.1 upgrade yesterday and, for the past 16 hours, I am being greeted with the 'Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background' notification with the funky hard drive GIF.

    While I do have packages installed - about 10 of them - I can't imagine it'd take 16+ hours to reinstall them.

    Can someone please advise of the next steps?


  • Banned

    Search the forum….it seems that some has not made it to the mirrors and therefore halts the installation!

  • Oh so it's the same issue as with folks not being able to install Snort and the likes? So what's next – just wait until the mirrors come up?

  • If your system works fine after upgrade and you are sure that all packages have been installed properly, then this is just a package lock. Go to Diagnostics: Backup/restore and click Clear Package Lock button.

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