No Guide or VOD with FIOS

  • Hi,

    I'm new with pfSense, I've searched the forums already but can't find a solution to my problem.  My setup is follows:

    cat5 from ONT -> pfsense wan
    pfsense lan -> switch
    Actiontec LAN is attached to the LAN switch.

    My problem is that my FIOS TV can't access the TV Guide or Video On Demand. I set the Actiontec up LAN-LAN as described on dslreports and it's been working fine that way for a few years using a Netgear router, then ipfire. Once I switched to pfsense 2.1 the guide stopped working.

    I don' t have any packages installed and only have the minimal rules to get the internet working on my network. I'm hoping I'm just missing some simple setup in the gui. Any help is appreciated.

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