Skype Client and AON

  • I am setting up a Skype Client so I went digging on the forums.
    The issue of potentially using AON came up in this post:,7001.0.html

    It says I might want to enable AON.  Does enabling AON change how i reconfigure my firewall?  Will I have to go and make many changes to make my firewall work correctly after I enable AON?

    Will I be OK if I don't enable AON?  What does it affect?  Call Quality?


  • Static port is what your thinking.  This scrambles the source port on outgoing connections as a added security precaution.  Enabling AON/Static port will make no difference since in reality most firewalls do not do this behavior by default.

    Firewall, NAT, Outgoing, click enable AON.
    Edit the LAN and any other LAN like interfaces, click static-port.  Save.

  • I'm not sure if you need the static port option for skype since i dont use that here and skype just works fine.
    Apparently skype is smart enough to get the source port out of the header of the frames and does not use what the client reports.

  • Well the reason i was asking is because Skype was not working on my Mac Mini and I suspected everything.  I could hear fine but could not manage to get my microphone audio to work.    It appears that the newer Mac Minis do not have audio input working even though there is a plug labeled audio in.

    So I shoulda figured, my little BSDy is working like a champ as usual.

    Skype audio from the test call was excellent.

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