PfBlocker no longer updating aliases since upgrading to pfSense 2.1.1

  • pfBlocker 1.0.2
    pfSense 2.1.1 amd64 (full install)

    I noticed that pfBlocker aliases are gone (don't even exist).

    Under Firewall: Aliases, they all disapppeared.  Normally, they appear under "URLs"
    Under Diagnostics: Tables, they all disappeared.

    So pfBlocker is dead in the water now.

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    Go re-enable it.

  • Re-enable it. You need to do this every time after the package is reinstalled.

  • @doktornotor:

    Go re-enable it.

    Well that's embarrassing.  Enabled pfBlocker via Firewall –> pfBlocker --> Enable pfBlocker checkbox and within 10 seconds all my aliases are back and sync'ed.

    I wasn't expecting the package to disable itself upon a system upgrade.  Thanks for the duh moment.

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    Well, is should not keep disabling itself on every damn reinstall, dunno what's the bug there. Reported many times but this thing is pretty much in need of major rewrite, dropping all those not anymore useful features, like years old geoIP lists.

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