Dual Wan Bridge/ No NAT

  • I have been thrown into a situation where I need a quick fix to a problem. This is combining 2 WAN links into 1.  The part I am not sure of is if pfSense can do it.  I really only need pfSense to combine the 2 connections and I can distribute it to a switch where my devices are.  For example

    WAN1–--------|pfSense|-------|Switch|-----|Router1| (external IP)
    WAN2----------|          |                  |
                                                      |Router2| (external IP)

    Is this possible?  If so can any one point me in the right direction?  If not any other suggestions?

  • As long as each gateway has a different IP address then it should work okay.

  • Ok so how should I set it up? Is this referred to as a transparent bridge?  Also will it load balance the wan links? I read some older posts that claim load balance and bridge won't work.

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