Adding Virtual Interface on LAN

  • Hello good people,
    Is it possible to add a virtual Interface on captive portal.
    A little background of my setup
      I need to activate captive portal to filter wireless network and as per the above setup pf-sense cannot ping wireless network. I need a virtual interface that will bridge BTN the router (Pfsense) and the wireless network for captive portal to be effective.
    Any other suggestions on how i can effectively archive this will be highly appreciated.

    NB: am a bit of newbie on pfsense/network so try to go easy on me  ;)

  • Banned

    0/ Is the switch managed/VLAN capable? If not, go to shop.
    1/ Huh? Bridging and isolation in one sentence?
    2/ Where's the wireless magic thing? Cannot see any.
    3/ Turn OFF the firewall on whatever you are pinging.
    4/ Look at the firewall logs
    5/ If you still have problems, you need to post your interfaces setup, firewall rules etc.

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