NAT IP mismatch

  • Hi every one ,here is my NAT setting

    If Proto  Src. addr Src. ports   Dest. addr Dest. ports NAT IP     NAT Ports
    Wan TCP    *                  *                59.125.x.A    25                    192.168.x.x  25

    59.125.x.B is my WAN Port IP
    59.125.x.A is my DNS A record

    The problem is when I sent a mail ,the source address is 59.125.x.B in opposite side mail server.

    So,the  opposite side mail server reverse 59.125.x.B to domain name pointer

    opposite side say "Your mail server has been rejected while transmitting e-mail into our system because the IP-address of your mail server shows an incorrect configuration of the DNS entries: the IP-address of your mail server does not resolve to a valid domain name."

    Does any way to fix the probem ,can let me soruce IP is 59.125.x.A? thanks

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  • Go to NAT, Outbound and create a rule with the source of the mail server and nat address of 59.125.x.A, move this before the default auto-create rule.

  • Doktornotor:
      thanks ,I will study it :)

    It is no working I think may be I do something wrong
    below is my setting
    Interface as WAN
    Source as 59.125.x.0 /27
    Source Port as tcp/25
    Destination as 192.168.1.x /32
    Destination Port as tcp/25
    NAT Address as 59.125.x.A
    NAT Port as 25
    Static Port as No

  • Try making the rule like this: (Advance OB NAT enabled)
    INT=WAN prot=any SOURCE=Network, 192.168.1.x/32 Destination=any Translation=59.125.x.A port=(blank) static port=No

    Then move this rule above the default rule.

  • WOW!! it is working now!! :)
    Thanks your help,if you do not mind ,could you tell me why I failed in previous setting .
    Do I have anything wrong of NAT  conception

  • Unfortunately, I am not notice the sent is ok, but receive is failed.
    I using gamil and hotmail for test,the message says "Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error
        for type=A: Host not found
    I am really confused…...

  • @cesjr:

    Thanks your help,if you do not mind ,could you tell me why I failed in previous setting .

    Compare the original rule with the working one. Source refers to the private address, source port should be blank, etc.

    Your current problem sounds like a DNS issue. I would use something like to do a basic check.

  • Sorry , so slow to reply , I was busy in database setting.
    Thanks a lot, I found the problem is I should add a DNS mapping too in NAT Outbound just like your reply "on: April 11, 2014, 10:20:53 am »".
    The  is very useful, Now I check a domain with DNS&MX  A record is functional, appreciate your help.

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