• Hi every one ,here is my NAT setting

    If Proto  Src. addr Src. ports   Dest. addr Dest. ports NAT IP     NAT Ports
    Wan TCP    *                  *                59.125.x.A    25                    192.168.x.x  25

    59.125.x.B is my WAN Port IP
    59.125.x.A is my DNS A record

    The problem is when I sent a mail ,the source address is 59.125.x.B in opposite side mail server.

    So,the  opposite side mail server reverse 59.125.x.B to B.x.125.59.in-addr.arpa domain name pointer 59-125-x-B.HINET-IP.hinet.net.

    opposite side say "Your mail server has been rejected while transmitting e-mail into our system because the IP-address of your mail server shows an incorrect configuration of the DNS entries: the IP-address of your mail server does not resolve to a valid domain name."

    Does any way to fix the probem ,can let me soruce IP is 59.125.x.A? thanks

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  • Go to NAT, Outbound and create a rule with the source of the mail server and nat address of 59.125.x.A, move this before the default auto-create rule.

  • Doktornotor:
      thanks ,I will study it :)

    It is no working I think may be I do something wrong
    below is my setting
    Interface as WAN
    Source as 59.125.x.0 /27
    Source Port as tcp/25
    Destination as 192.168.1.x /32
    Destination Port as tcp/25
    NAT Address as 59.125.x.A
    NAT Port as 25
    Static Port as No

  • Try making the rule like this: (Advance OB NAT enabled)
    INT=WAN prot=any SOURCE=Network, 192.168.1.x/32 Destination=any Translation=59.125.x.A port=(blank) static port=No

    Then move this rule above the default rule.

  • WOW!! it is working now!! :)
    Thanks your help,if you do not mind ,could you tell me why I failed in previous setting .
    Do I have anything wrong of NAT  conception

  • Unfortunately, I am not notice the sent is ok, but receive is failed.
    I using gamil and hotmail for test,the message says "Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error
        for name=abc.de-cf.com.tw type=A: Host not found
    I am really confused…...

  • @cesjr:

    Thanks your help,if you do not mind ,could you tell me why I failed in previous setting .

    Compare the original rule with the working one. Source refers to the private address, source port should be blank, etc.

    Your current problem sounds like a DNS issue. I would use something like http://mxtoolbox.com/ to do a basic check.

  • Sorry , so slow to reply , I was busy in database setting.
    Thanks a lot, I found the problem is I should add a DNS mapping too in NAT Outbound just like your reply "on: April 11, 2014, 10:20:53 am »".
    The  http://mxtoolbox.com/  is very useful, Now I check a domain with DNS&MX  A record is functional, appreciate your help.