Multi-WAN and VLAN woes

  • What im trying to do is have a router-on-a-stick configuration. Using 2 Cisco 2950 switches with enhanced IOS, I want to make VLANs for all 4 WANs and 3 LANs.

    This is my current NON-WORKING setup:
    Cable 1 - VLAN 100
    Cable 2 - VLAN 200
    Cable 3 - VLAN 300
    Cable 4 - VLAN 400

    LAN - VLAN 5
    WLAN - VLAN 10
    DMZ - VLAN 20

    I have configured the switches as follows:
    ports 1-24 on the first switch are setup as VLAN 5
    port 25/26 (gig ports) are set up as Trunks with the firewall connected to 26, the second switch connected to 25
    port 1 is VLAN 100, port 2 is VLAN 200 etc on the second switch.

    Now this is where i cant find the problem. I can assign IP's and route traffic on al the LAN If's, no problems at all so I know that VLANs are working and the card is capable of 802.1Q tagging.

    But, I cannot get the WAN side to work. When the firewall boots it sits forever trying to get a DHCP IP from the WAN. I have let it sit for nearly 30 minutes and still no go. I know the Trunk is working because i can assign a port on the second switch to VLAN 5 and traffic goes in/out just fine bewteen the switches.

    I have tried everything i can think of but cannot figure out why the firewall will VLAN the LAN side but will NOT work with the WAN VLANs… any ideas would be appreciated!!

    Need any more info please ask!

    Thanks Adam

  • a similar problem was killing me a few days ago…. i buy a Dell PowerConnect 2234 and configure pfsense with 3 VLAN for internet conections, nothing work at that moment and after changing the MTU on de VLAN interfaces i got internet traffic again..

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