USB key Modem Internet connection problem

  • Hello all !

    I have an USB key modem that I connected to my PC pfSense based Firewall. It detect and works fine.
    But I can not access to internet.
    I ve assigned the WAN interface to that USB Key, assigned getway and dns servers but nothing.

    I can not find where is the problem . so Please help me !

  • Netgate Administrator

    Has this box worked previously?
    Is the pfSense WAN interface (the USB modem) receiving an IP address or are you configuring everything manually?
    What do you see for the gateway status on the dashboard? Do you see more than one gateway?


  • I Assigned the WAN interface to the device created in PPPs page and well configured it.

    in the Gateway status I see Pending .


  • Netgate Administrator

    So you only see one gateway? A common mistake is assigning a gateway on the LAN interface which becomes the system default and breaks routing.

    Have a look in the PPP log. Do you see the modem connecting correctly, the username/password being authenticated, a public IP being handed out?

    I assume that the modem is known to work, that you've tested it under some other OS, that it is in contract/has credit?


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