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  • Hello, I havve configured pfsense with mostly default settings. I configure my wan port with my Internet isp static ip and settings then setup my lan interface with default settings,  was then able to use my computer connected to my new local pfsense network and it got an ip from DCHP right away and I was browsing the web fine and was able to access the pfsense web configurator as easy as if it where a dlink router. All my windows 7 computers seem to work fine with it no problems. I have an ipad and an android tablet. They connect via wifi and nothing has been messed with the wifi settings. And the Access point is briged device direct into the pfsense network so in other words no router in between pfsense and wifi connections. The devices get a dchp address in the same range as the computers and laptops in the house but they dont seem to detect the net. the browser and webapps all give connection errors. This is with ipad and android but even a windows 7 laptop connecting to the wifi works great. At first  though maybe it was dns settings in pfsense maybe so I made it as a forwarder instead to dhcp its local address as the dns instead of dhcping out isp dns, This made no change in the conection status on my windows system. Both settings work fine. But no changes the tablets are dead in the water on my pfsense network but work on any other random open wifi network around :(

    Any ideas?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ok, bit weird as you say that the Windows 7 wireless devices should work correctly. Perhaps that finding is a mistake. For example you disconnect a laptop from the LAN and switch is to use wifi instead. It appears to work fine but in fact is using cached DNS data and you connecting the only to sites that it has previously visited.

    Do some trouble shooting from the Android tablet. Check that all the correct information is being handed to it from pfSense. Can it connect to the pfSense webgui?


  • Yes the tablets can get into the web gui no problem. I just tried.
    And I reset my laptop and connected to wifi and triied other things, The laptop on pfesnse via wireless is connecting to a shoucast server and sourcing audio fine without any connetion drop outs or slow downs from pfsense.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ok, so try to ping some remote locations from Android. What errors does it show if it doesn't get a reply? Try pinging by URL and IP.


  • Looks like it resolves and pings the google servers fine anyways but when I open the browser app and point to I get nothing yet the web gui of pf sense loads fine when typing, I just noticed something….

    The ipad  safari browser works fine. But all apps that need web access such as facebook app, skype weather widgets etc all fail to load.

    As far as the android built in chrome browser displays a network connection error on any page but shows the pfsense web gui fine. All web apps in the android also fail to connect.

    tried my devices again on another network and it works fine, I reset all my laptops and computers to try and cleer any dns caches, I unlpuged the network cable before reset and wait for the computers to be fully loaded before pluging the back in to get an updated address from dhcp. Sure enough when I make dns changes into pfsense they show up on the dchped leases. But in my case If I use the isp dns or setup pfsense to forward dns it all still works great. (the computers get a dhcp dns address of the pfsense router or gets the isp dns and use it direct as far as I can tell from the changes in dns settings within pfsesne

    I still have a feelling its something do do with dns, But im not that great at this stuff :(

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you running Squid in pfSense or doing any layer 7 filtering?
    Do you see anything in the firewall logs when a mobile device trys to connect?

    Is there a distiction between http and https sites? With the current Heartbleed crisis it's likely that ssl certificates are being revoked all over. Just a guess.


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