• Hi,

    I know that PFSENSE is proxy based firewall, but in my office i cant configure firewall because most of are laptop users, so is there is any option if i configure PFSENSE only for Monitoring not for Proxy firewall.

    For eg. i just want to check which user is using so much youtube or facebook or torrent. i just want monitoring not firewall system.

    and i want to configure all this on VMWARE HYPERVISOR

    please help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Where did you get the idea that pfsense was a "proxy firewall" ??  There is a package(s) you can install to run a proxy on pfsense - but out of the box pfsense has no proxy support.

    What does laptop users have to do with running a firewall or proxy?

    "i just want to check which user is using so much"

    So your looking for top talker?  Pfsense will show you this out of the box to some extent with – see attached.

    As to running "firewall"  What are you running now?  Pfsense yes is firewall, but if you set rules to any/any your just really routing traffic.. Still confused by why "laptops" would have anything to do with firewall or router or proxy, etc.

  • Thanks Buddy

    I am new with PF SENSE i saw people are using it with Proxy thats why i thought its a proxy based fiirewall.
    and for monitoring part eg:

    in my office one user is using so much you tube so i want to monitor, which links user was browsing.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    That sort of monitoring has nothing to do with the core concept of a packet filtering firewall. It can be done with one of the various packages but I'd still say your are not aware what exactly pfsense or a border gateway / firewall is for in the first place?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume you mean BYOD style laptops, something over which you cannot enforce a proxy policy.
    You can use Squid in transparent mode such that all devices will use it be default.


  • Have you thought of trying the usual network monitoring tools? There are so many of them. I know that Anturis http://www.anturis.com can work with BYODs and it has been designed to work various system within the company network.

  • You can use something like Security Onion to monitor your network.  It's very in-depth security and monitoring tool.  This is probably overkill what you need but wouldn't hurt to take a look.