Comparable MRTG! Teach you how to use BanawidthD

  • Comparable MRTG! Teach you how to use BanawidthD
    Out of the protagonist BanawidthD us today!!

    Heard said it did not matter, look at a few pictures of what is known!:)

    Know what now? (Let you down, have not seen exaggerated flow. Hei hei, I can not in the network busy
    Time making package testing, so …. and so significant to you to see a more "terrorist" (in fact, I have not seen what世面: (
    ) External bandwidth.)

    If the viewing drawings do not know is How, then directly to .....:)

    Said a lot of nonsense, into the question:

    That package used to install pfsense after the operation is not correct! Do not even think about if.
    Manual must be allocated over again.

    The process is as follows.

    The installation package - Bandwidthd (a sorry. For the 1.2-RC3 version of the following user testing I did not experience it is to use)

    Enter the shell (I do not know unix, the shell used linux name)

    Cd / usr / local / bandwidthd /

    #. / Bandwidthd-l (see suggested that talk about what shows your network interface now?)

    #. / Bandwidthd (say that the lack of any document? On! Is it! Find it!) (We are pests, we are pests)

    Ls-l / lib

    Cd / lib

    Cp / lib/ /usr/lib/ xxxxx (xxxx is running. / Bandwidthd time suggested that the lack of documents) PS: I display

    Well, shared library function resolved.
    Beginning configuration喽~ ~

    I own a manual start compiler / usr / local / bandwidthd / etc / bandwidthd.conf document.
    But machines to restart ah ~ fear will cause conf document rewritten, and then changed its configuration file filled again
    See Photo 3

    Then save the next. Let flow over 50 k to the out GRAPH. Small can be the point (I hope you HDD large enough!)

    BTW: In accordance with normal speaking, this bandwidthd after pfsense those changes have been made to the core team.
    I followed the normal configuration to the configuration of the multi-card surveillance, but useless, or can monitor LAN, WAN should not watch.
    Not configured as multi-interface ... in the hope of accomplishing their brothers pfsense letters inform sniperpr (!^#)

    Reproduced must be accompanied by the original author's name linux_pro
    Please respect for the author.

    I come from China, the English bad. By drawing on Google translation. Everyone to see.
    Thank you.

  • Can you submit a patch with these package changes?

  • @sullrich:

    Can you submit a patch with these package changes?

    If the choice is the LAN interface, can be monitored submit the.
    And the WAN can monitor the flow of that port.
    I would like to test concrete, after all, just on the line BanawidthD day.

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