(multiple) webserver publications with a single ip address from isp

  • hi there.

    we recently started to test if pfsense could be an alternative for our Company. We already managed to a multi-wan-Setup where every single wan is a PPPoE VDSL with just one static IP.
    Now we are a Little lost as we also want some webserver publications on these static ip addresses. Actually  we would even prefer multiple Websites being reachable via only one static IP. Is this even possible - using HAProxy or something - or do we necessarly need more public IP addresses?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much  :)

  • Indeed HAProxy is an option i think reverse-squid and mod-apache can also do this.
    If your going for the haproxy option i recommend the 'haproxy-devel' package.  ;D (which i currently maintain)..

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