Why such a hunk of shit

  • I don't understand why this silly software takes 4 or 5 installs sometimes to start posting a webpage.

    im trying to replace a true POS machine with a new one I have pf 2.1 on one and 2.1.1 on the other all settings cloned, the 2.1.1 box fails everything important.

    I had to reinstall pfsense sooo many times. after the thing stopped working reverting to factory never gave a webpage again. not even a ping response to ANY ip id program in. I had to killdisk the drive as subsequent reinstalls failed to post a stupid config page or ping response to any ip ever set. kill-disk-ing and reinstalls allowed config access..

    how is it people say Linux is soo great ??

  • Banned

    You should not have discontinued the medication… BTW, this ain't Linux.

  • doktor's right on there.

    You're very obviously doing it wrong. I've NEVER had to reinstall a production system short of hardware failure or someone getting in and modifying the source on their own, and I have upwards of 20,000 hours of my life into this over the past decade. Supporting over 1000 companies via portal.pfsense.org.

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