• I'm not actually sure where to put this, so please correct me if there is a more appropriate section to post this in.

    I have two ASUS RT-N16's running dd-wrt on each end of my house. I want to create a guest network using my existing equipment. Right now I'm unsuccessfully attempting to do this by creating virtual aps on each AP. I'm trying to assign the VAPs to a vlan, though I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. Please help.

  • I should also mention. I have 2 NICs each with 2 ports. I have them assigned as following. I'm using the internal NIC (rl0) with a old AP I have lying around since I don't have a working setup.
    Each access point has a direct connection to the pfSense box.

    WAN (wan)      -> re3        -> v4/DHCP4: 75.132.x.x/18
    SWITCH (lan)    -> re2        -> v4:
    WAP1 (opt1)    -> re0        ->
    WAP2 (opt2)    -> re1        ->
    GSWITCH (opt3)  -> rl0        -> v4:

  • Hi adam,

    I'm not familiar with dd-wrt, but perhaps can help you anyway.

    1. connect your APs to the LAN Switch and give them IPs to manage them.
    2. setup the default WLAN (SSID) of the APs to be your internal WLAN
    3. setup the guest WLAN with different SSID and VLAN on your APs
    4. setup VLAN for guests in pfSense (Interfaces assign -> VLANs), Create VLAN and bridge it to the re2 Interface
    5. assign guest VLAN to an Opt Interface in pfS
    6. Create a DHCP Server and Firewall Rules to your desire in pfS (look at you LAN Rules and copy them to get started. No rules at all mean no connection to anywhere!)

    That should get you running.

    Good luck!

  • My pfSense box is having some HDD issues at this moment so I'll have to update this later on if it works out well. Thanks for the quick reply!