• I checked and I think I have the right answer, but I would figure I would ask before I go any farther. Because of my home setup I need to use the MOCA connection from the ONT to my Verizon router. I also have two more VZ routers set up as MOCA bridges to distribute my "wired" connection. The VZ router (in Bridge mode) that will be connected to pfSense, if I leave the Ethernet option active with the STP box checked in the My Network settings, will I still be able to use MOCA for wired distribution?  ONT>VZ Router>VZ LAN>pfSense WAN>pfSense LAN>switch>VZ WAN. Should this work. I already was able have the pfSense box grab the ip from the ONT so I have the bridge set correctly, just need to get MOCA running. Thanks.

  • Tons of information on using own router + Actiontec with Verizon FiOS is here in the 3.0 Networking section.

    Many ways to go about this and the folks in the Verizon FiOS forum are very helpful with specific details.