GUI Pfsense update…

  • I've invoked the 2.1.2 update through the GUI, and it's been nearly an hour and still hasn't reboot.
    I've groomed my cat and threw a load of laundry in the washer.

    Specs are: Running in a KVM guest, one core of my E3 Xeon 1230 and 512MB of ram allocate to it.

    How long should pfsense take to update?

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    I had that issue on one box. Take a look at the system logs it might shed some light. For me it was stuck on suricata package install.

    I rebooted. Uninstalled and reinstalled suricata package.

  • Writing this from my phone. after waiting another 20 minutes I did a force reboot.
    I'm never using the gui updater again, broke my shit completely, wouldn't even boot complaining about some sbin installer init script is missing.

    so right now doing reinstall and config restore.

    this shit suck.

    also I think the devs need to add to the gui a log output window to show what stage it's at in the update and any errors, because I had no fucking idea what caused this.

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