• Hello.

    I have 2 public IP adresses (DHCP) and I would like to use one as the pfsense wan interface, and the other as the public adress to my server (behind the pfsense box).
    What I would like is to use a VLAN config in the pfsense and the switch to isolate the server but how do I config pfsense to let the server behind the pfsense get my ISPs DHCP?
    DHCP relay may be what I want but then I need to disable DHCP on ALL interfaces, and then I don't have a internal DHCP on my lan…

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you actually need the public IP on your server?
    Commonly this would be done by using a virtual IP on your WAN to get the second address and then 1:1 NATing it to the server.