How to do traffic shaping with fluctuating wan bandwidth?

  • Hi,
    I was trying out the traffic shaping using hfsc. I configured the connection bandwidth to about 90% of my maximum bandwidth. It works well if my internet line is running as advertised. However, my internet download bandwidth fluctuates much and can drop as much as 50%. When this happen, it breaks the traffic shaping and slows down everything when im downloading.

    Is there a way to do traffic shapping with fluctuating wan bandwidth? It seems to me that pfsense traffic shaping solution relies on the wan bandwidth being fixed, so it would not be suitable for my case. Can pfsense adjust the connection bandwidth for traffic shaping depending on the values of RTT? decrease bandwidth when latency high, increase bandwidth when latency low etc.

    Before I use pfsense, I used a router with gargoyle firmware ( which is an openwrt based firmware. Its qos functionality can adjust the available download bandwidth depending on the latency readings between the router and the internet gateway. This ensures qos keeps working even when the line is saturated while getting throttled by isp. It would be nice if this can be implemented with pfsense.

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