Squid3-dev 3.3.10 pkg 2.2.2 failed to start after upgrading

  • Hi,
    I was using squid3-dev 3.3.10 pkg 2.2, but after upgraded pfsense box, squid service denied to start with strange error.

    I configured squid as transparent HTTP proxy for LAN interface, ACL has rules which is Allowed subnets, Blacklist and Whitelist. Syslog message said

    2014/04/14 14:08:06| aclParseIpData: unknown netmask '0.76298865397852' in ''
    FATAL: Bungled /usr/pbi/squid-amd64/etc/squid/squid.conf line 29: acl localnet srcĀ
    Squid Cache (Version 3.3.10): Terminated abnormally.
 is my local subnet and was configured in squid's ACL, but there are more which I didn't added but showed in squid.conf file. I tried to manually remove those unknown subnets but it still appears in config file. What should I do to make squid starts again? Thanks.

  • I saw strange numbers in this case:


    Look for interfaces activated at your squid3-dev

    And look for this reported bug, https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=62256.msg407762#msg407762

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