DHCP Windows server 2008 Isolation PF Sense in Vmware esxi

  • I would like to use Windows Server 2008 for IP Distribution and PF Sense for Internet distribution i tried it but i failed so please gove me some direction in this

    Network Diagram is attached with this message

    Wan IP of Pfsense is
    LAN IP is

    i want to use windows server 2008 DHCP for IP Distribution please suggest

  • Assuming a possible client can reach both the Windows Server and pfSense from the same network, it should a straight forward job to configure DHCP on Windows Server and disable DHCP on pfSense for the interface that is within the same network (usually LAN). Assuming your vmWare setup works as intended, there shouldn't be any more configuration needed.

  • I tried but internet is not working

    is there is any setting in pf sense to route or any thing like that?
    i have to create any rule ?

    and my pf sense lan IP is
    my DHCP server IP is
    default gateway and DNS is

    is configuration are fine or i am missing any thing?

  • Looks correct to me. Can you get to internet (ping?) from pfSense at all? Have you made sure that a client gets the right settings from your DHCP (IP,Gateway,DNS)?

  • yes i am able tp browse pf sense web config and able to ping

    dhcp windows server is providing IP like this

    IP: (Scope defined by me starting from 30)

    default gateway :- blank
    Dhcp Server:
    Dns Server :- blank

  • You should probably check your default gateway and dns servers. Those shouldn't be blank!? You should point default gateway to pfSense LAN ip and DNS to the Windows 2008 Server. Also make sure to configure DNS on the Windows 2008 Server so that it knows one or more relays where it can check for addresses it doesn't know itself. This can be either pfSense's DNS forwarder or your ISP's DNS or Google DNS (

    By asking if you can get to internet from pfSense, I meant that can you ping google.com or other address from pfSense GUI or console? I ask this to make sure that it's not pfSense's fault that your client machine can't connect to internet.