Problems after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.1.2

  • So after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.1.2 I have noticed that many sites either fail to load or are very slow to load and that my latency will vary wildly from 10ms to 250ms.  I also noticed that my NTP offset and jitter have increased a great deal. I originally posted in this thread .  However starting one here because I am wondering if maybe a driver change might be my issue.

    My server is running on this board:
    Which has an Intel 82579LM and an Intel 82574L
    I also have another dual NIC card:
    Which uses Intel 82571GB chip

    Any known issues with this drivers for these chips?

    Thank you.  I really do not know is going on with this upgrade, everything was smooth before the upgrade and the only reason I upgraded was for the openssl patches :(.  The failures I am getting I can not point find a smoking gun of an issue, the NTP issue points to ntp being starved for resources yet my server shows little load.  Latency vary would be okay if it went along with high network usage but it does not, and the fact that prior to the update my latency was rock solid at 10ms.

  • The Intel drivers were upgraded for 2.1.1 to add support for newer cards.  Have you been overriding any settings in /boot/loader.conf.local?

  • No I have not overridden any settings

  • What CPU?

  • @Jason:

    What CPU?

    Intel Core i3-2120T

  • @hagak:


    What CPU?

    Intel Core i3-2120T

    Hmm…  Ok, there goes that idea.  Some people were reporting issues when forcing the NICs to a single queue.  I was thinking you might have had a single-core CPU.

    No ideas then, sorry.

  • I upgraded my system from i386 to x64 full with different hardware, backing up and restoring my configuration. After this I noticed sites failing to load and slow download speeds.

    In the end I factory reset and rebuilt my config from scratch, this sorted out my problems. It may be worth a try, you can always go back to your original config.

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