Announcement needed from ESF

  • I have had enough guessing. I have submitted a bunch of fixes for stuff last weekend and today. The ones I submitted were for stuff I could see, test and debug from code on my installed 2.2 snapshot and the pfSense repo.
    But I get stuck on things that call into check_reload_status, use "pf" and "pfctl" in new ways… It is VERY (insert superlative of your choice) frustrating to try and work like this on an "Open Source" project. I have had NO RESPONSE to my request for access to pfSense-tools. You could at least acknowledge receipt of the requests and give an estimate of when you will be in a position to organise this.
    The ESF workers (employees, contractors, whatever their status) are busily working away and (happily it seems) interacting with people from the community and gradually reviewing pull requests... I would like to continue a good relationship with these people.

    But ESF management/owners are silent.

    ESF management/owners, please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST. I want you to make your own announcement, not back-and-forth banter in response to community frustration posts like this. Please announce what you are doing with the project, what code you will allow to be in the public domain, what code is completely locked away to ESF-only and what "middle-code" is able to be accessed by the community on what conditions.

    You have also recently made changes that locked out some previous people with commit access to the packages repository. It is just plain courtesy to notify people if there is a need/reason to change the authority and workflow of code submission, review, testing and acceptance.

    I understand that sometimes action needs to be taken. But along with that action, silence is NOT ACCEPTABLE. You need to announce what you are doing, what are the reasons, what actions are "immediate stopgaps" until a final solution is determined, and what actions are the final considered state of affairs.

    Looking forward to you becoming more communicative,
    a frustrated contributor to the project