Dnsmasq failure's after 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 upgrade

  • Hi all,

    I've upgraded several client installation's, all of them are ALIX based. But one of them give's me a hard time!

    After the upgrade DNS Forwarder was broken, a simple "Save" on the Webinterface restarted the service and it was fine again. But since then I had to redo this quite a few times… I already restarted the ALIX but from time to time it still come's up with the Prob.

    Some one a hint how to solve or find the underlying issue?

  • Reply to myself…

    just had another failure, this time I checked the log's:

    On Resolver Log i found:

    failed to load names from /etc/hosts: Too many open files in system

    And on System Log lot's of:

    kernel: pid 65477 (dhcpd), uid 1002 inumber 5975 on /var: filesystem full

    Googling the first entry i found that thread:

    So I'll continue over there… ;-)