PFSense Grinds network to a halt

  • hello, i've got an existing network with 3 adsl gateways, windows based dns/dhcp etc and a full network with about 50 devices. I want to bring pfsense in to do load balencing on the gateways / squid proxy. I installed it and it was working. Added 3 gateways and squid proxy / squid filter. Was all working fine for about an hour, then it did something that just killed the network. I don't know if it's broadcast spamming or something but the entire network stopped as if a switch had a loopback. The pfsense server is a virtual esxi server and i've got it setup with one interface

  • Netgate Administrator

    A lot more info required please. It does sound like a routing problem. Are you using VLANs to seperate your DSL connections? Are you using the same ISP? Same gateway IP?


  • What's your network's default gateway? If it's, it would be because of a duplicate gateway. That will wreak havoc with a network.

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