LightSquid Configuration / DNS Name Issues

  • So I have Squid working in transparent mode and LightSquid installed but am unable no matter what I try for it to return the computer name in the report.

    Any ideas?

  • What option you use?

    IP resolve method:

    Select IP to Name resolve method (take effect only on new data):  
    IP  - return IP  
    Demo  - return AUTHNAME, else DNSNAME, else IP  
    DNS  - return DNSNAME  
    Simple  - return AUTHNAME else IP  
    SMB  - return SMB name of pc  
    Squidauth  - return AUTHNAME else IP

  • I have honestly tried all of them except Squidauth.

    I did however get this to work by adding each computer with a DHCP Static Mapping and then checking the Register DHCP static mappings in DNS forwarder on the DNS Forwarder box but I do not understand why I have to create a Static Mapping for this to work?

    I would assume that without a DHCP Static Mapping checking Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder on the DNS Forwarder tab would work but it does not … any ideas?

  • Hi everybody!

    We are using LightSquid in pfSense 1.2 RC3.
    We don't know how to use "DNS - return DNSNAME" option.
    We added an Aliases but it didn't work.

    We put our hosts list in the /etc/hosts file, and it worked, but when we restart the computer we lost it.
    Wich option in WebGUI can modify this /etc/hosts file?

    Thanks a lot

  • Check working with 'Demo  - return AUTHNAME, else DNSNAME, else IP  '
    But any changing 'IP resolve method (future)' option take effect for new refreshing.

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