ALIX.2C3 Performance and some question about version and wifi

  • Hi all,

    as newbie of pfsense i'd like to ask you an help about the possible setup for this configuration

    I need to serve 2 different offices of my company.
    Each of the two brances have to:

    • be connected with a stable openvpn link to the other
    • be reachable by 10 mobile user per side using openvpn (only sometimes all 10 togheter)
    • have an indoor wireless segment
    • have a dmz segment

    it tought at the following hardware

    ALIX.2C3 - 3 LAN / 1 miniPCI / LX800 / 256 MB / USB

    128MB Compact Flash

    Wistron CM9 miniPCI 802.11a/b/g adapter W-CM9

    IPAX/U.FL to ReSMA Chassis Socket - 30cm PIGIPAX30

    Omni Antenna 2.4GHz - 5dB NET-WL-ANT00

    DCMA-82 Atheros 6G: 802.11a/b/g High Power mPCI Card

    About the wifi i've big doubt about the compatibility with pfsense and the kind of pigtail to purchase
    I've red that some wifi card is compatible with version 1.01 only

    finally the question…

    about the performance do you think that the above hardware is ok for my purpose?
    wich version do you suggest me to use 1.2 RC3 o la 1.01?
    any suggestion about the wifi (wich card and pigtail)
    is a good idea to buy a bigger CF (thinking to growing logs...) should i do some resize of the partition?

    someone of you has recently bougt in EU zone?
    I was looking at  but they run actually out of stock for the mb

    thank you very much
    have a nice day


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