2.1 -> 2.1.2 upgrade - how long should it take?

  • I'm sitting here looking at the WebGUI auto-upgrade screen which has not moved ("The firewall will reboot once the operation is completed" with a progress bar on the top that's almost all the way to the left) in 2 hours since I started the upgrade (it did spend a few minutes downloading the upgrade before it got to this point that's it's been sitting at), wondering if I should consider it in process or consider it failed and try something else, like a console upgrade.

    Stopped in at about an hour to visit the machine, expecting it to have moved along in the process, and the console was still happily reporting 2.1 and uptime of 63 days. Don't want to confuse it if it's still working (the load average is rather higher than typical at the console, so it might actually be working) but it's certainly not providing any progress indication here or at the console.

    It appears to still be routing traffic.

    System is per my signature, with actual rotating disc, and lots of it.

  • My fully installed system's upgrade took a couple of minutes, and rebooted.
    One nanobsd upgrade took a bit more, rebooted, all fine. The other nanobsd update failed (stuck on 2.1), had to replace CF card with fresh image, prepared with the config file.

  • Well, in the ballpark of 4 hours it rebooted, and can't find a kernel to load.

    I suspect the take-home message is to make the XML backup, but skip the "do a full backup before install" checkbox (which I'm guessing it was a bad idea to check, and I'm guessing has overfilled the disk, rather than noting it wouldn't have space and declining to try. Hard to say - the limited commands in the bootloader don't seem to include df or the moral equivalent, so I'm guessing, at best. That button does seem to be new (my 2.03 system does not have it, and I'm leaving my 2.03 system right where it's at for now.)

    Anyway, the system is hosed. It would be the one I pulled the optical drive out of for another system that needed one, so I'll need to patch one in to reload it from scratch. Ugh.

  • Booted from a USB CD drive. Wouldn't boot completely; not sure why, last time I CD booted this system it had a SATA CD drive in it - perhaps some oddball interaction of it being a USB CD.

    Had tried booting from USB stick, but that wasn't working.

    Finally got it to boot by letting the CD boot to the point where it gives the various boot options (had been letting it go from there to option 1, and that was not working), and then choosing (3) boot from USB with the USB stick in. That finally let me install, and the system is now booting from hard disk to 2.1.2, just needs reconfiguring and cutting back from the temporary lash-up that's been replacing it.

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