Multi Wan Loadbalancer and Multi Lan routing

  • Hi All,
    I recently just upgraded two sites to 2.1.2 coming from 2.0.
    I have a Multi-Wan setup at both sites, with loadbalancing which works perfectly. There are also multiple LAN's which pfsense routes between.

    Prior to upgrading, on each Lan interface I simply had the firewall rule for all traffic outbound pointing to the loadbalance gateway, as per the setup instructions.

    Now after upgrading, in order for traffic to reach the other internal LANs, I need to have a rule above the load balance rule which routes all outbound traffic with a destination of to use * (default gateway).

    Is this normal? Or does it mean I actually have my loadbalancer setup incorrectly? Was this a known change between 2.0 and 2.1?

    If I don't add that rule, I can ping the gateway address of pfsense on any internal LAN, I just can't reach anything connected to it.


  • It is a change in behavior with 2.1. Previously the system put in "hidden" rules to pass "local" traffic into the ordinary routing table, before any "pass all traffic to a gateway/group" rule. That was "being nice to the sys-admin", I suppose.
    From 2.1, it does not "be nice". If you make a rule telling the system to policy-route everything to a particular gateway/group, then it does what you told it.
    The extra pass rule you added before the policy-routing rule is the what is needed now.

  • Many thanks for your response.

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