Multiple PPPoE one interface

  • Hi!

    I have 2 pppoe access, but only ONE cable in the company. The pfsense can manage two pppoe connection in ONE interface?

    Now, we split the one cable with a switch, and make one pppoe dial with router, the another pppoe dial with a PC.

    Thank you!

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    Huh?  :o ???

  • Yes, i wondered too.

    This is a rented office. In the house /70+office, flat/ basement has a network center, that maintenance the ISP. But only one cable/flat.

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    I still do NOT understand the network scheme, sorry. Sounds like the only thing this produces is two sets of credentials for authentication. Hope you are not paying twice for similar setup.  ::)

  • Nothing can reliably do two PPPoE connections on a single broadcast domain, it's more or less dumb luck if it works most of the time. You should either get two cable drops, one PPPoE per, or tagged VLANs on the single drop where you have one PPPoE per VLAN.

    If you want to continue with the current absurdity, you could plug two physical NICs on the firewall into the switch where that drop plugs in, and run PPPoE on both. They will occasionally mess each other up though, how badly and how frequently depending on specifics.

  • Thank you!

    I think i separate the one cable, and connect 2 WAN and 1 LAN to the firewall.

    What do you offer:


  • I configured  3 pppoe connections with load-balancing , just used a unmanaged gigabit switch to break the ethernet connection from the isp into 3 separate nics(wans) on pfsense where i configured the 3 accounts.

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